I have been diagnosed with depression since way back in 2018. [...]It (365 Days of Mindfulness) helped me clear my depression [...], my mind and live more freely  [...]. The modules gives advices on how to handle life in trying times. [...] I think God sent Diane to me to help me cope with my depression: Everytime I feel blue, I look into the notes I wrote (from the module videos) and talk to Diane, it lessens the burden I'm feeling. I never know what might have happened if Diane didn't introduce me to 365 Days of mindfulness. [...]"

Christine / @maysevilla1221 (For 365 Days Of Mindfulness)

It is great how Diane is in all transparency with us. How she is directly addressing the viewers by providing the tools (for a

more mindful life).

I also greatly benefited from the meditation session in 'Calm The Mind' module, and the steps to achieve a calm mind as I followed the tips [...] I will try to practice it more from now on."

Elle / @a_diarydaily (For 365 Days of Mindfulness)

Everything (365 Days of Mindfulness Program) is just perfect!"

Sahila / @sanatan_lover (For 365 Days of Mindfulness)

Thank you very much Diane for today was lovely speaking to you!! I will have a look at your email and definitely try all the things we discussed [through Counselling]. I will book again with you shortly. Thank you again

Rochelle (For Counselling)